ICVP Peter Obi interfaces with Anambra PDP ExCo 19’01’19

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Yesterday, the Vice Presidential Candidate of the PDP, His Excellency, Mr Peter Obi engaged members of Anambra State Working Committee at the party Secretariat Udoka Housing Estate, Awka, Anambra State.

In his reaction, he advised members of the State Working Committee to play a better politics whereby members help someone today to help others tomorrow.

“I’ll keep showing love to everybody including those whose ambition is to bring me down. God who sees beyond the flesh knows how I feel about others, including my detractors. It is God’s blessing that Atiku had to choose me as running mate over some equally competent people known to him for many years before me which was barely one year ago”

“You must not see this project as Peter Obi’s concern, rather see it as a collective project that will bring about the type of country we dream to have. If we win this election and have a vice president and a wife of Mr president from here, how can your interests not be protected as against what is happening now”?

“Everywhere I have gone for campaign in Nigeria so far the turnout of people was always impressive. I want to appeal to you Ndi Anambra that the chunk of the responsibility in this project is our duty primarily since it pleased God to choose a VP from South East this time” The former governor stated.


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