Anambra Deserves Better; Remarks by Oseloka H. Obaze at The APSF Political Summit, Awka

Oseloka H. Obaze

I wish to recognize and acknowledge theme of this summit “The Imperative of Good Governance & Equity”; especially, the 6-point aim and objectives of this summit as enumerated by the Chair Dr Okey Umeano. I note particularly item 4, “to install in Anambra state a responsive and responsible government;” And 6) “to assist credible individuals who have political ambitions in any of the political parties in the country.”

I thank Prof. Sunday Obiajulu Obikaeze for his speech on democracy and good governance. My thanks to Professor Frank-Collins Nnamdi Okåfor for the magisterial and illuminating discourse on zoning. He has vindicated our stance on zoning. For the record, I have taken the position, that if elected Anambra state governor on 18 November, 2017, I will keep faith and serve for only four (4) years. Thus Anambra North will conclude its term in 2022.

To speak about why we are hear today, we must place Anambra State today in its proper context by understanding existing realities in Nigeria.

I am a student of comparative politics and governance. So, when you say a nation is doing well; we must ask, can it do better? When you say a state is working; I will ask is there still room for development. If you say it is not broken, so don’t fix it; I ask can the system be redesigned to achieve greater good for all, inclusivity and all-encompassing development.

National Realities: Today our nation and our states are challenged. Why?

1. Uneven distribution of returns of development

2. Disparities in interests for each group in Nigeria

3. Adverse changes in the business environment affecting SMEs (electricity tariff)

4. Current economic policies are not in tandem with current economic realities; and

5. Many manufacturers have closed shop and moved their production plants to other countries.

6. We say the system is not working, but we are sacred of restructuring.


It’s been said that “leadership provides direction; management provides capacity for implementation.”
This dual track approach, when effectively combined, makes government purposeful and effective. For
any good governance and leadership to excel, you must carry along your broad constituency.

Restoration of Confidence in Governance

We must restore the people’s confidence in governance. There must be a bond of performance between the government and the governed. We in Anambra retain the potentials to lead other states in all facets.

Investment in Industry and Infrastructure

Government has a role to play in regulating and preserving national property, but so do we as individuals and professionals. There exist and will always be cross cutting niche sectors where government, consortiums and individuals can partner, under the rubric of Public Private Partnership (PPP).

Security in all Spheres

There must be responsibility to protect. Security includes, human security; security from hunger; addressing unmet needs; and the guarantee for the pursuit of personal wellbeing.

Education, Empowerment, Employment

We must support investment in education. Our educational and related public policies must be assertive, introspective and developmentally focused. Anambra State schools should become top in the nation, so as to become recognized as a Magnet State for academic excellence. Devote 26% of budget to education and 10% of the TP mission run or the so called parochial school;

Underfunding of educational policies will remain inimical to long-term planning and the nation’s developmental progression. Our policymakers and stakeholders must as such be proactive and constructively engaged. Our educational institutions must not just churn out half-baked students; they must engage in research and development and orchestrate functional models and policies that will assist

the government and society at large in wealth creation, and averting fiscal and economic hiccups like recession.

We must empower our youths

Nigeria is in dire straits developmentally and economically, with immense challenges; but it is such challenges that offer unique opportunities to creative and talented persons. I urged them to seek to become entrepreneurs upon graduation instead of employees; and if necessary, to form clusters and pursue startups or SMEs.

Good public policies are society-centered and centered on public interest, public participation, adaptive leadership. Such policies are aimed at resolving complex problems, ensuring absence of dichotomy and effectively managing cost of governance.

Efficient public policy must reflect priority, be properly formulated, and funded, faithfully implemented and consistently evaluated, through measurable benchmarks, feedback and auditing. Managing the cost of governance is important. There is room for shared responsibilities and complementarities, but must be balanced with separation of responsibilities as it relates to constitutional provisions and exclusive lists-federal, state local government.

“Managing fiscal policies require intrusive focus and above all, measurable benchmarks. There must be clarity about how government raise, spend and manage public resources, including assets and liabilities, borrowing, investments procurement and disposal or sale of public assets. Results-based budget.

“You can’t spend what is not appropriated. After appropriation there must be AIE –authority to incur expenses. Corporate governance must include transparency; we must remember that accountability is answerability. Today, we know the Anambra State budget size, but we are unaware of its details and narratives.

“COG (Cost of Governance) remains exceedingly high. Besides policy incoherence, Nigeria still maintains a very huge public service at the federal, state and local government levels.

Cost of administering the legislative branch is mind-boggling. I heard a governor admit that “there is no recession in the government house” that is applicable to all government houses.

Strategies for Anambra

1. Restructuring policies to catch up with current economic realities and competition from other states or countries. Example: taxation – efficient tax system, MMA and restructuring of taxes to eliminate the scourge of multiple taxation.

2. Encourage new areas of business that advances Anambra’s prosperity and competitiveness by establishing strong legal infrastructure that encourages innovation.

3. Linking up industry supply chains by upgrading critical infrastructure that reduces operational costs and drives economic and social development.

4. Map out strategies that will guarantee even development for each region (with the help of academic, research institutes, private sector etc).

5. Enter into strategic economic and trade agreements to capture potential economic opportunities.

6. Formulate comprehensive policies to promote and support the key industries that are important to our economic development and encourage new industries that will bring new job opportunities.


We need to fix the system. There is a credible alternative to the incumbent leadership and we must capitalize on that and put Anambra on its best trajectory to make it best of all 36 states in Nigeria. I thank you all.

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