My list of books read in 2019

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  1. Leadership in Turbulent Times – Doris Kerns Goodwin. (January)
  2. The Reckoning – John Grisham (February)
  3. The Quest – Nelson DeMille (March)
  4. The President Is Missing– Bill Clinton/James Patterson (April)
  5. How About Ijeoma Ègbuna – Chike Momah (May)
  6. The Conrnwalls Are Gone – James Patterson (May)
  7. The Litigators – John Grisham (June)
  8. Calico Joe, John Grisham (July)
  9. The Racketeers, John Grisham, (August)
  10. The Bleechers, John Grisham, (August)
  11. The Redemption, Dåvid Baldacci (September)
  12. Target Alex Cross, James Patterson (October)
  13. Airlift To Biafra, Tony Byrne (October)
  14. The Cutthroat, Clive Cussler (October)
  15. The Innocent, John Grisham, (November)
  16. The Confession, John Grisham, (December)
  17. The Guardian, John Grisham, (December)
  18. The Painted House, John Grisham, (December)
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