“No bi man way call police dey win the case”: Obaze reacts to a Facebook comment

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My people, no bi man way call police dey win the case. If I no go to local events, una go say OHO is not at the grassroots; OHO is elitist; OHO is arrogant, etc. If I go funeral, una say no be no be funeral dey win vote. I go Supreme Court, I go protest, I go PDP zonal meeting, yet una no see am. Abeg una! By the way and by the bush, every funeral for any village get at least two polling booths. When I bin submit mysef to serve our people, na the same people way de run around now wey go do abaracadabra. See wetin we get. Even some people way the follow dem also follow me, now everything na about stomach infrastructure, no bi about politics. Sidon look na dog name. Anambra go survive.” – OHO

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