Obaze condemns campaign of calumny

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Ahead of the November 18 gubernatorial election in Anambra State, the candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Mr. Oseloka Obaze, has expressed his commitment to run a campaign free of hate speech and calumny.

Obaze, in a statement issued by his media team condemned various smear campaign unleashed on his person by the ruling party, All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA) and advised it to desist from such.

“I would like to advise once again, that as we campaign, only the governor of our state enjoy any form of prosecutorial immunity. Those who engage in libel and slander in the name of campaigning will be held responsible. In seeking redress, there surely will be no statute of limitation.

“I hereby reiterate my commitment to run a campaign free of fake news, hate speech and calumny. I will dismiss anyone on my team who engages in such unacceptable conducts. I hope other Anambra State governorship candidates including Governor Willie Obiano will publicly make a similar commitment,” he said.

Obaze said all the malicious reports by his opponents to tarnish his image and credibility as the PDP candidate in the governorship election are breach of fundamental ethics, free speech and even electoral laws.

“Rather than focus on the campaign issues they resort to a campaign of calumny. I believe they continue to do so because the APGA leadership has given its tacit approval. I have taken this distraction with great equanimity, but there are acceptable limits of propagandising.

“I wish to restate as anyone who have heard me speak publicly, that in my 62 years of life I have been blessed with good health and have never been admitted or spent a single day in any hospital, anywhere in the world. My educational and work years are properly accounted for in my biography, which is a matter of public record including Wikipedia. There is no missing link in my years, education and work.

“I wish to remind those who peddle such falsehood that it is not they alone that retain the prerogative of use of malicious information. As a public servant, and given my vantage position, I am capable of unearthing credible and sufficiently damaging information that if made public will alter the campaign narrative and trajectory. These include known and document cases of perversion of Justice,” Obaze’s media team stated.

Culled fron New Telegraph

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