Obiano has been in motion but no movement

Okey Muo Aroh is PDP publicity secretary in Anambra state and as such, the spokesperson for the Oseloka Obaze campaign. He speaks after a PDP mega rally with the stakeholders of the Transport business in Onitsha on the chances of PDP candidate over the incumbency of Governor Willie Obiano.

Why truly is your party PDP in this contest?

The truth of the matter is that if one juxtaposes what Obiano has received as funding from all the various sources with what is on ground in terms of visible governance, you would readily see that he has not performed. It has been all motion without movement. He cannot claim to have done 20 percent of road in three and a half years. It is disappointing and abysmal. Checking through his N20m largesse for communities to develop themselves one can safely say that Obiano has not done well and should go. So in answer to your question, we want to rid Anambra of bad leadership. Obaze will do just that.

But your candidate is being opposed by many factions of your party…?

Politics is like a game of soccer. Ego is involved. Anyone who has the ball gets the tackles. We are running this election in an all inclusive manner. We have continued to reach out to aggrieved members to join us in winning this battle. It would be in the best interest of all.

I asked this question because of Senator Stella Oduah..she seems to be very unhappy with her party?

Senator Stella Oduah and Oseloka Obaze are brother and sister to the best of my knowledge. Indeed there should not be a quarrel. It is expected that every Ogbaru man should see this as an Ogbaru project and vote for Obaze. Any Ogbaru man who does not key into this project does not understand political dynamics and will be doing themselves the greatest disservice. If Ogbaru people mess this chance, it may never come again in a very long time. In Anambra north, they are still minority as Omambala has the most at four local Government areas while Onitsha has two. Ogbaru people only have one local government. The ball is in their court. How they play this ball will determine how they live in the next years to come.

It must be tough convincing Anambra people against an incumbent?

Honestly so. But we are powering on. Our campaign is out of the box. We are taking the Obaze campaign to the people in their churches, weddings, funeral homes and indeed every where you see two to three people gathered. The old model of only campaigning in school or LGA fields is gone. We end up talking to only members of the party. It is an arduous task. We are collecting the demographics of the people and developing personal contacts. We are telling the people why they should vote Oseloka Obaze and Chidi Onyemelukwe , how things have gone far wrong and why time for change is now. By the time electioneering ends on November 17, we would have seen and met with over 905% of Anambra people to tell them why they should change Obiano and vote for Obaze, an erudite man who won’t waste time to fix things. His pedigree speaks volumes.

Source: Vanguard News

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