TWEET:Covid-19 – National response is missing the eye of the storm – Obaze

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“In the absence of a national resiliency strategy, Nigerian authorities are doing their utmost to battle the raging Covid-19 pandemic within the available disaster response framework and financial resources. Lågos state has shown remarkable response capacity. These efforts are commendable. Yet Nigeria is courting explosive pandemic disaster with its mitigating response methods. The ongoing national response is unwittingly missing the eye of the storm.

“The mitigating focus is now on Lågos and the FCT, the two gateway spheres and the 9 states with the active 90-plus cases. Meanwhile, any missed index cases or contacts on the loose, not tested or traced to the remaining 26 states, leaves the virus on a free fly and those states vulnerable to massive infection explosion. Left unchecked, and with the multiplier-effect, those twenty-six states retain the potentials of becoming Nigeria’s hotspots by the month of July and beyond.

Efforts must shift immediately to commence and ramp up continuous voluntary testing sites in those residual 26 states before the infection explosion rates becomes uncontainable” – OHO

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